Kristen has qualified to receive grants from the American Horse Trials Foundation (AHTF) and all donations made to the AHTF are 100% tax deductible according to IRS Code Section 501(c)(3).  The American Horse Trials Foundation which was established in 1987, is a non-profit corporation established to assist 3-Day Event Riders and Organizers in raising tax deductible financial support for national and international competition.  In 1996 the by-laws were revised so that the Foundation could assist riders competing in the related disciplines of dressage and show jumping.  Since Kristen has recently established grant eligibility, by making a contribution to the AHTF you will be helping Kristen and her horses realize their potential to compete at additional USEA Area II and USDF Area I events.  

For more information you may contact the Foundation directly:
American Horse Trials Foundation, Inc.
7913 Colonial Lane
Clinton, MD 20735-3064
Phone - 301.856.3064
FAX - 301.856.3065
Email - ahtf@att.net
Kristen Parris Eventing is proud to partner with Saratoga Horseworks as our continued sponsor!  I will also be one of Saratoga Horseworks “Equestrians at Large” members! I will be working with Saratoga Horseworks over the course of the competition season and will be able to showcase all their wonderful products including their Wool Dress Sheets, their Signature Hawthorne Wool Dress Sheets and their Signature Italian Waffle Dress Sheets as well their amazing Anti-Sweat Sheets. Please e-mail me if you are interested in their products (I also have discount coupons for those who purchase through me) as I would be happy to discuss all the details and keep in mind their Signature garments have unlimited options for customization, which I love!  Be sure to stop by to see Ivan and Briley in their wonderful Saratoga Horseworks apparel both at our shows this season and here at our website.

Key Organizations and Friends of Kristen Parris Eventing
No Halo Here in a Saratoga Horseworks Dress Sheet.
Kristen Parris Eventing is proud to continue our partnership with Stablemates, Inc.   I will be working with Stablemates now and throughout each competition season on various joint events!  Stablemates Inc. has been a family owned and operated Equestrian Store since 1965. They stock a large variety of products for both English and Western riders at all skill levels and they also try to provide top quality products at the best prices. Their Staff has many years of experience in both the equine industry and as riders themselves, so they are best suited to help you with your specific needs.  Be sure to check out their website and e-mail me should you have questions or if I can be of any assistance  - you will not be disappointed as I have been their customer for over 20 years!
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Kristen & Platinum Edition "Miles"
Kristen Parris Eventing, LLC is proud to partner with our sponsor, Voltaire Design. Voltaire Design relies on the long French tradition of saddle making but Voltaire Design is an innovator as they are also the first saddle maker to get help from the fashion industry in the designing of their product. They are also the first-environmentally friendly saddler.  "The first time I sat in one of their saddles, I immediately felt the difference, and from that point there was no going back for me", said Kristen.  "I am thrilled to have such wonderful support from Voltaire Design".  The other wonderful aspect of Voltaire is they believe that humility and ambition can go together. Kindness and simplicity are very important to them and as horse lovers too, the sport, spirit and nature are part of them.

Please e-mail me or stop by one of my shows to find out more about Voltair Dedsign saddles and how they can make you a better and more confident rider.
Voltaire Design Jumping Saddle.
Lord Ivanhoe in a Saratoga Horsework's Oasis Summer Dress Sheet.
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