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"I was so lucky to find Kristen and begin taking lessons with her, soon after I bought my new horse Oskar in July of 2010.  She was kind enough to take Oskar and I in as boarders at A Deck Above Farm to help consistently continue riding him, training him and teaching me.  Previously, I was lightly eventing my 14 hand Arab pony, Daisy, since I was 8 or 9.  The 5 year old 17.3 hand horse was a big step up from my pony and was quite a challenge for me, to say the least.  Kristen has made huge leaps in his training, from the ground up, making everything so much easier for myself.  Her commitment to helping me create a wonderful all around horse has encouraged me to try to become a better rider.  Her knowledge and experience amazes me, as she teaches me or shares a story every time I see her, while making everything fun and easy to understand.  Oskar continues to get better and better every ride, he is finally understanding how to use his body and what to do with his big feet!  I am continuing to take lessons and improving each and every time, and hope to eventually start competing, just like Kristen! I greatly appreciate everything Kristen and her family has done for me, making me feel right at home at the barn.  I love it at A Deck Above Farm!"

Taylor Rhodes and Oskar
Abbey Parrish and Frisky 
Laura Beebe and Ace
Ace and I have been together since I bought him as a green broke, 4 year old in 2005.  We competed successfully at beginner novice, winning USEA Beginner Novice Adult Rider of the year in 2008.  We then tried to move up to Novice with some setbacks and difficulties as Ace and I were between instructors/trainers at that time.  We were looking for someone to help us improve our skills in a motivating and down to earth way.  We found that and so much more when we started taking lessons with Kristen in spring of 2011.

Not only is Kristen an amazing rider, who is constantly improving her own skills with lessons and clinics, she is a terrific instructor, who has the ability to translate her knowledge to her students.  I am learning to be a more effective and precise rider, while Ace is becoming stronger and more confident.  I am learning how to fix the problems and improve Ace as an event horse instead of just covering them up and masking the problem.  Kristen’s hardworking attitude and eminence commitment to her own horses and riding and her teaching skills is inspiring.  She is there to support her students in victory and with the not so victorious moments that happen in riding and competing. 

I feel like Kristen is the instructor/trainer that I have been looking for a long while in my many years of eventing.

Jessica Price and Chance
Laci Brumwell and Shiner
I started getting lessons from Kristen to help me build confidence and to help Shiner develop his talent to the best of his ability.  He had no structured jumping lessons in the past, so up until we came to A Deck Above Farm, Shiner and I were pretty much winging it!  When we weren’t getting lessons from Kristen, we were working at home on gymnastics and exercises we had learned in our lessons.  Each lesson with Kristen is different and challenging!  It’s awesome to feel like you learned something new after every lesson!  

Shiner has advanced exponentially with his jumping and his dressage!  Kristen has an eye that can see what I am doing wrong, and many times I give mixed signals to Shiner causing him to second guess a lot of what he is doing.  He is a very sensitive horse and also a quick learner, so we have become quite a team with Kristen’s help. We still have a lot of work to do for the upcoming 2013 competition season, but I have confidence we will continue to improve!!  Kristen is a beautiful rider with tremendous ability both competing and teaching, who gives me the confidence to push myself beyond what I think my ability is.  I have seen firsthand what she has done with her own Eventing horses and she inspires me to continue working hard, but to have fun at the same time.  I have never seen Kristen without a smile on her face, whether while teaching a lesson, trail riding or competing herself.  I look forward to seeing how far Kristen can get Shiner and I with my confidence issues and his goofy personality and I hope to throw my other horse, Boomer into some lessons with Kristen as well this year.  Thanks for all your help Kristen!!
KP Eventing Customer Testimonials
My little 13.3 powerhouse, Chance, is the offspring of my childhood hunter pony.  I originally broke and began competing him in 2008, but due to other life events we put competitions on the back burner and just relaxed for a few years.  Chance and I made our return to competition in 2012 and began taking lessons with Kristen that spring.  Kristen's calm, positive personality has been the perfect complement to our somewhat intense partnership.  We finish each of our lessons with a plan forward and skills to help us each relax and work on our consistency.  In just a short time she has helped us advance from Elementary, through a consistent Beginner Novice season and helped us set our sights on Novice for the spring.  Looking forward to what our next season brings!
I knew Kristen for many years as a Redland Hunt Pony Club member and instructor. I always admired her riding and watched her compete many times at competitions. I also had the opportunity to be apart of her team at some Pony Club rallies and let's just say her horse management details were beyond any expectations imaginable. I pointed her out to my mom one night at our weekly Pony Club lessons and said "that's who I want to take lessons from" and asked her to ask Kristen. Kristen then became an instructor of mine threw many horses. She helped me with any problems that I ever had. We went from my little red headed chestnut mare who had a mind of her own, to my quarter horse games pony who was a handful. We then went to my dream horse of a lifetime Paris Blues, and Kristen helped me every step of the way, all the way up to Show Jumping Championships. We returned 1st overall in riding and horse management, and 5th overall for equation. When a tragic accident happened and Paris had suddenly passed Kristen was also there for me emotionally and I'll never forget that. May she rest in peace. Then came Carson, she is very understanding of his silly ways, and also very tolerant of his 8 month stall rest! I now have an new OTTB mare names Frisky who I was ready to give up on and her name describes her perfectly, but Kristen convinced me to give her a chance. Kristen has taught me to adapt my riding to any horse. She has given me amazing instruction, skills, and confidence. Kristen has an impeccable work ethic and extreme dedication to not just her success, but in every one of her student's success as well. She continues to help me improve my riding ability by sharing her knowledge and experience. She has also taken me to many shows, and I've learned more as a working student then I have ever imagined. As the start of the 2013 year begins I know Frisky and I will grow and improve with Kristen's guidance. I am very excited to compete this year as part of the KP Eventing Team and want to also thank Darren Parris for always keeping our horses shod and sound!
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Trish Capone and Monte
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I’ve been taking stadium jumping lessons and XC lessons from Kristen Parris for a few years now and she is one of the best instructors i’ve ever had. She is an excellent rider, trainer, and instructor, rare to find someone equally skilled in all three aspects. Her methods build confidence for both horse and rider. She is very articulate and and gets her points across. She is one of the most positive persons i know and lets you know what you did correctly as a rider and what the horse has accomplished. Each lesson i take away something new and i’m always impressed that the grids are never the same and designed to help the horse and rider to understand fundamentals of jumping and riding between the fences. Our cross country schoolings are designed to build confidence in both the horse and rider. This was essential for my 17h Oldenburg. He was green and before our lessons was “cheaky”. he now does his job even when i’m not perfect and enjoys himself! Ears forward! Kristen is always willing to help me with horsemanship questions. I’m always having fun riding with Kristen, can’t honestly say enough!
Steve Van Campen & Patrick
Lydia Zabroske & Stella
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