• All quarter clips are handmade

               Rockerd toes on the front (helps with the breakover) with quarter clips
               Square toe on the hind with quarter clips as well

  • Specializing with glue on shoes

  • Equalox with aluminum St. Croix shoes

  • Specializing in corrective shoeing along with continued evaluation for peak performance

  • A few shoeing options:

               Stud Holes
               Hoof Grips
               Pour in Pads
               Leather Pads
               Handmade Bar Shoes
My husband, Darren Parris has been a farrier for the last 23 years. He works in the family business Alpha/Omega Equine Services which his Father, Tom Parris founded over 45 years ago.

When Darren first started out shoeing, he apprenticed with his father Tom. This went on for several years and in time Darren became very knowledgeable with shoeing and was living up to the standards of the business. Darren then became a Certified Farrier and began working for his father full time. 

When shoeing Darren feels that it is very important to access the horse’s conformation and "way of going" to know exactly how to balance the shoe in order to make the horse comfortable and perform to the best of their ability.   Darren, his father Tom and brother Dale shoe over 800 horses every six weeks which is all within a 20 mile radius of Lisbon, Maryland. 

Kristen has been fortunate enough over the years to have Darren shoe and evaluate all of her horses in her barn from her competition horses that require a lot of attention, to her young homebreds and retired horses that are now barefoot. 

Darren evaluating and shoeing Briley (No Halo Here) at A Deck Above Farm.
Then glue are your shoes may be the way to go.

These photos are of Beth Sokohl's horse Buckharo, one of Darren's clients.  Bucky has been outfitted with 4 aluminum glue-on shoes.
Buckharo (Bucky) ridden by Beth Sokohl is currently competing at the Training Level.  Pictures above were from the Waredaca, 3-Day Training Event in Maryland.
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